Traditional Japanese food - Cooking class

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Supported Languages:
English:Tour Guide;
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Tokyo, Japan

Approx. 4 Hours

Cooking class for small groups (maximum 6 members)
You will cook by yourself under the assistance of our Chef
Sushi and other traditional Japanese foods

Tour description

All ingredients, an apron and a towel will be provided for you, so you don't have to worry about preparing anything.
Your class will be a small group (limited to a maximum of 6 people).
During this class, you will make use of various methods to complete your full-course lunch. The Chef is friendly, English-speaking local who is happy to assist you. He will share some tips and stories of each of the recipes and sometimes share some secret techniques, too.
As Japanese always start with “Dashi”-making, each class will begin with the making of "Dashi," the fundamental soup stock of Japanese cooking. Your instructor will also explain about some of the typical Japanese seasonings which are frequently used. Then, you will prepare 6-7 dishes learning classic and modern recipes, ways to present food, elaborate cuttings and unique Japanese ingredients. You'll also cook some beautiful, tender Wagyu beef. After all of the cooking is finished, finally, it will be time to say 'Itadakimasu!'

Additional info

- vegetarian option is available
- please let us know any particular diet you might have, at the time of your booking


- all ingredients and supplies
- all necessarily cooking tools
- English speaking professional Chef


- hotel pick-up and drop-off

This tour is not available