Alternative Moscow - Walking Tour

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Moscow, Russia

Approx. 120 Minutes

A short walk from Red square and St. Basil's cathedral and you will find yourself in a neighborhood full of mystery, urban legends and myths.

Tour description

You will see how Moscow looked like in the nineteenth century, take a ride on a historic tram and listen to amazing stories about ghosts, famous criminals and eccentric merchants. If you want to understand the local culture, then experience it yourself. Moscow off the beaten track is one of the best ways to do it. You will see:
St. John's hill, a quiet place in the city center with a pre-revolutionary spirit
Khokhlovka, Russian hipsters and street art
Khitrovka, the most terrifying neighborhood of Moscow in the nineteenth century: criminals, brothels and alcohol
Zamoskvorechie, beautiful streets and lanes full of legends and love stories.

Additional info

Starting time: 18:30

1.Go to Kitay Gorod metro station (Purple Line (#7) or Orange Line (#6)).
2. Take the escalator up (not the stairs!)
3. Find the monument to Cyril and Methodius in the center of Slavyanskaya Square ( see how it looks ). Our guide will wait for you in front of this monument with a big red umbrella saying "Moscow Free tour"
4. Make sure you've taken the right exit: you should see 2 men with a cross and NOT a bell


Guide, tram ticket



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